Modern Violent Gentleman

by My Propane

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released November 5, 2013

My Propane / Modern Violent Gentleman

Produced, recorded and mixed by Joost van den Broek at Sandlane Recording Facilities

Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering

Music and lyrics by Valerio Recenti with the exception of:

The lost art of obedience - Mahangoe, Masseling, Recenti / Recenti
After you - Mahangoe, Masseling, Recenti / Recenti
Stray - Mahangoe, Recenti / Recenti
Mood - Breuker, Recenti / Recenti
Get Born - Breuker, Masseling, Recenti / Recenti
Drinking Diesel - Breuker, Masseling, Recenti / Recenti

My Propane is:

Guitars: Jord Otto
Bass: DJ van Zon
Drums: Remon Masseling
Vocals: Valerio Recenti

Keyboards and soundscapes: Joost van den Broek.
Bass in Mood, Drinking Diesel, Get Born, Switching the lights off: Paul Breuker

Anand Mahangoe endorses Basta Guitars



all rights reserved


My Propane Netherlands

"Bands genoeg die je zonder problemen bij je schoonouders op kan zetten, maar acts waarbij je met een beetje gezonde zenuwen naar een show toe gaat zijn er maar weinig.
[...] de potentie om die ouderwetse edge weer terug te brengen in de hedendaagse rock is er zeker.

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Track Name: Modern Violent Gentleman
Yes I thought you'd deserve a love song boy
some words to keep you warm
I love when you stare at my face boy
but you can't keep it up
...right fucker?
And I'm demanding satisfaction
so choose your weapon
choose the place

to first blood
come back for more

oh the elegance you display
trying so hard to suck your own dick
yes we love your kind around here
love it with a wooden stick

to first blood
come back for more
now that your face
is smashed and pretty
you're always welcome in this city
Track Name: Stray
Walk alone it's never been a race
like the animals we’re strays
hard to fit within a cage
and I think I see her screaming out now

take no more fuck it take no more
so now

stray today stray for always
let me out
and I see you
standing in the line they showed you
with that little smile you fake
wondering if that's what you're meant for
singing it's ok someday
stray for always

nothing to declare
nothing to explain
want to show her that I care
so she'll never slip away
won't you show her what it feels like out there?
Track Name: Home
What i knew back then
what I then found out
there's no rest
fill the space in between
'till you vomit it out
so sweet and sour

you're so lucky to fade away

get back to the place
you call your own
a kiss and a chain for everyone
black spots in the sun
but it feels right just to know
that's where you belong
with all that is your own
all that you love
all that is gone

what I knew back then
what I figured out
many things I choose
just to leave right out

I want you to take a bite
a taste like a good surprise
and whenever you feel lost
that's what you recall
with all that is your own
all that you love
all that is gone
Track Name: The lost Art of Obedience
The way he talks down to me
it sends shivers down my spine
and I discover pleasures unknown besides
I strive to be a good boy
put my tongue right out and aim
a little petting goes a long way you know?
Be good be safe I am not certain
but I am smart
lights down ass up
you can watch me come undone

strong and built to follow
now eat that shit right
the choice was yours so swallow
don't waste a drop and smile

play back repeat from start

'cause I look at them
their desks filled with secret projects
that will never see the light
and I might watch them raise to fame
but I'll watch them fall down
the lost are of obedience
be good play safe
I am not certain but I am smart
lights down ass up
you can watch me fall apart
you can watch me

somebody kill me
Track Name: Get Born
On the floor
laid down
like the doll that you played with
with your friend
so much more you can taste it
so let it come down
from above
and let me watch this

cause tonight
I'm dying to get born
to taste it all
I'm dying to get born
to feel you all
while we take new form
I'm dying to get born

on the floor shaking
it's a secret we share this
tell your friend
her skin is so pink you could paint it
so let it come down
straight from the core
and let me watch this
Track Name: Drinking Diesel
Here we go
hey let me see you trip
breathing all the anger you feed your mind
running anyway
you're fucking with your own head
your nemesis
now it's you and me
breathing dust and drinking diesel
tonight feel the love you bring
let it all collide and then switch on

riding far
breathing tar
till the breakthrough
and the fears roll by
make it fall burn it down
till the breakthrough
and the years go by

why don't you say what you want to be
running from our thoughts
ending up like this
could have been today
but it's my blood my brother
and it's always
cause it's you and me
breathing dust and drinking diesel
tonight feel the love you bring
let it all collide and then switch on

the morning it comes
the engine full bore
we're owning this night
so speed up some more
keep pulling the gas
no future no rest
we're kings in this life
so keep driving fast
Track Name: Pray there's Nothing there
Watching the stars
from afar
watching them shine
there you are
then late at night
wishing them down
watch as they burn
fading out

you've been going to far
for this

so pray
pray there's nothing there
pray it won't come down
right on your skull
so I love my enemy
love the way he bleeds
red on the ground

play your card
won't you just
play your card
and if you like this
come claim your share
come come take your shot
and ricochet
Track Name: After you
You're so right
I can't win
I eat dirt
you wash your shame
away now
and my hand holds nothing
if sun shines for every man
my eyes are shut
my skin's aflame
oh but I listen closely
can't you see man?
someday we'll be standing there

we're coming after you

it's all gold
and it shines of black
on your empty eyes
and my broken neck
right now
so name your price for profit today
and call on God when you're all alone
the blindfold for big and small
and beware

we're coming after you

better buy new shoes boy
and pray your God above
Track Name: Switching the Lights off
Come take it slow
what I want from you
can comprehend
what I want to do

Switching the lights off
oh she moves
come play
come look and come follow

all here for you
let me taste it through
come take those clothes off
watch how you blend
so soaking wet
she's moving slow
watch her come undone
Track Name: Mood
Hey is that what you want
when you sit down?
come I'll show you my place
we can go now
say what is that you hide
underneath your smile
me I just want to watch you for a while

come and play

when the mood comes
your hand moves right on down
I watch you moan
I hear your voice
I watch you drown
when the mood comes
the mood comes

choose to live it up
choose the skin
and choose your best dream
choose your rabbit hole
come and follow don't you worry
hands between your thighs
all the beauty moving inside
hey I just want to watch you tonight
Track Name: Walking with the King
Sit back
'till the day when
the day comes
on the shore
with you naked
forgetting the sun
then rip me to pieces
and take me apart
adoring your graces
and tasting your heart
now the sky's falling down

tonight you're walking with the king
we let the good times in
tonight you give it all
you give it all to me
so you just beware

come sit back
everything you share tonight
it's all blue
everywhere you look around
my eyes explode
and you rip me to pieces
and take me apart
where no one can see us
where everything starts
now the sky's falling down

so look at the splendor
of what’s been waiting for you
the more you take in
the less you’ll be alone

the sky’s falling down